Christian Radio
Christian Internet Radio is vibrant and alive, and potentially something that will encourage you as you surf our website or any other website. These links will open up a new tab or window on your browser, so you can continue browsing pages while listening to Christian Radio over the internet. Just close the additional tab or window to turn off the station.
Spirit-FM WRXT Lynchburg/Roanoake, VA - Christian Contemporary Music + Christian Talk - Program Guide
On some browsers, after the link, you may need to press the square icon to make the station start to play.
Air1 Rocklin, CA - Top 40 Christian Music (Christian rock-oriented)
On first attempt, you may need to choose "Setup" at the bottom-left, to set the audio capability on your browser.
Crosswalk Radio - Launching point for a variety of Christian styles of music: Praise, Instrumental, Inspirational, Hymns, Christian Mix, Southern Gospel, Top40, Christian Classics, Urban Gospel, Faith Talk, Christian Rock. This site requires a free registration before listening to the channels.
Radio 10 - From Sweden, this new brand of European Christian worship radio ranges not only from Swedish, Norwegian, English, French, and Spanish music groups, but blends the music from orchestral, ambient, soul, pop, and rock. You can choose from one of two main stations on this page, which is presented in English - The red rectangle has Contemporary music, while the golden rectangle has Classic Swedish Christian music.